Amy and Elsa


Not only have I had the privilege of Karen photographing my Labrador Elsa, but have also been lucky enough to witness the whole process from shoot to finished print. Believe me when I say the shoot is the easy bit! The amount of time (sometimes hours per shot) Karen takes to edit each image with precision detail really is a labour of love! I have been sat in the editing studio watching her work her magic and turn a great shot into a breathtaking piece of wall art, a memory you can keep forever! I first met Karen when she came along to take photographs on a gundog water training day I attended with Elsa. I warmed to her straight away and could tell she loved her job. She was so patient with all the dogs and their owners, especially my slightly nervous girl. Karen even stood in the middle of a cold river enduring a soggy bottom after a huge splash filled her waders which just shows how dedicated she is in capturing the perfect shot her clients are after. The second time I went out with Karen for a shoot I really got to see how she just has the eye for getting those award winning shots. We passed a navy blue set of folding garage doors which I had walked past a hundred times and not battered an eyelid at, but Karen knew it would make the perfect backdrop for Elsa, my fox red Labrador and the result is stunning! I can’t recommend Karen enough, the quality of her work is incredible, the photographs speak for themselves!

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