Sea salt, sand dunes, secret Britain and a dog named Bugsy

Monday 7th July


“Yesterday is history, tomorrow a mystery…”

The story so far… My name is Bugsy Bennett. I am a friendly 5 year old  Springador  (Springer x Labrador) on a sailing adventure round the British Isles in a boat called Saltpot, with my owners, Mark and Karen. It’s day 2 of my sailing adventure. We are in Brighton, about to set off for Eastbourne

On my daily walk, we meet all sorts of strangers who quickly become my new best friends. They waste no time in telling us about life’s rocky road and what they have learnt. Today we meet a security guard called Peter who tells us “Yesterday is history, tomorrow a mystery, today is a gift. That’s why it’s called the present”.

I wonder what presents today will bring? After my favourite raw Honeys dog food, I am soon curled up on deck. The wind drops, the waves gently rock me to sleep and before long we are sailing past Beachy Head. Mooring up, the sea shimmers like glass.

I’m ready for my walk into Eastbourne, bounding across the breakers, barking at the birds. It’s a beautiful blue evening when we pitch up at the Belgian café. My parents eat mussels and chips and I watch the world go by. This is a dog’s life. But I am puzzled why my parents spend every day chasing their tails? They could be running after rainbows, eating tasty treats or taking a nap. I see them watch the dying day cast a rosy glow upon the tranquil sea and Eastbourne Theatre’s proud golden dome. The sun was setting on another perfect day. If only I could alight on a sea breaker and fly like a seagull into the sky!

Walking home, we reflect on Peter’s quote. “Tomorrow’s a mystery, Today’s a gift”. What will tomorrow bring? After a day of frolicking and fresh air, I am ready to crawl under my duvet and turn in. One thing I know; I need plenty of rest because tomorrow is not going to be a mystery; it’s going to be a great day!

Post script about Eastbourne Pier

Sadly, two weeks later, Eastbourne Pier arcade, a huge piece of the town’s history was completely destroyed by a fire. A grade 11 listed attraction, this historic structure has featured in several films and television shows including Last Orders, starring Michael Caine and Brighton Rock. In its 144-year history Eastbourne Pier has had to overcome a ferocious storm, a hurricane and another fire – as well as being mooted for destruction during World War Two before catching fire on 31st July 2014

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