Sea salt, sand dunes, secret Britain and a dog named Bugsy

Tuesday 8th and Wednesday 9th July


Surf’s up and sea breezes

The story so far… My name is Bugsy Bennett. I am a friendly 5 year old Springador (Springer x Labrador) on a sailing adventure round the British Isles in a boat called Saltpot, with my owners, Mark and Karen. It’s day 3 of my sailing adventure. We are in Eastbourne about to set off for Ramsate

It’s stupid ‘o clock, 3 in the morning… I’m being forced from my slumbers for my daily walk before setting sail! Sleepy-eyed I come face to face with a fox; we scare the wits out of each other! After I calm down, we motor sail  to Ramsgate when I catch up on more sleep!

We moor up to find a dog-friendly Belgian restaurant ( ) thankfully with just a short walk away from the marina as the heavens open and the rain comes! I love the rain; my nose sniffs out a pungent assortment of interesting new smells, I’m in 7th heaven!

We wake up next morning to sun and sea breezes. Walking to Broadstairs along the Viking Trail, I rock dodge, duck and dive through the waves, cooling my hot sandy paws in the ice cold sea.

Stopping for lunch at Samworth we chat to a retired head. Here, beach life is slow and sedate. Everyone has time to chat, laugh and pass the time of day.

After a long hot, sunny day, the wind gets up and we set out to watch the waves crash over the sea wall. As we return to the boat we meet three lovely couples in motor boats. Mark and Karen stand and chat whilst they ruffle up my damp fur and make a huge fuss of me. But for me, the day’s done. All I want to do is hit the decks and say goodnight.

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