Karen has taken the most beautiful pictures of my very lively Cockerpoo - capturing her expressions, her actions, personality, flapping ears and favourite places and pastimes. Her patience is astonishing and her skill boundless ( black lively dogs are not easy!). Thank you Karen ! I look forward to sharing them with all those who love my Pixie - a truly great Christmas gift !


We are beyond thrilled with the photos Karen took of our Labrador Olive. Karen is extremely patient and it was clear from the start of our shoot that there was no rush. I really felt that she would spend as long as it took to capture Olive being Olive, and she did just that. Olive was not terribly compliant, she just wanted to run and explore like she always does on her walks, but Karen persevered until she got the shots we wanted, even if it did mean getting a bit wet! Suffice to say it took some time to agree which pics to choose, but we got there in the end and they look fabulous on the wall. Thank you so much Karen.


Karen is simply wonderful with animals of all types! She came to take photos of our new puppy in the garden during lockdown and produced the most beautiful shots of Luca. All so natural and they really reflected his lovely personality. She also involved our other dog, Barney, who isn't keen on Luca, but she just managed to capture his quirkiness. It was a really fun afternoon during an otherwise rather strange time. She also managed to get some wonderful photos of Luca playing with our cat and one of him playing with one of our rather bold chickens! Karen has such patience and skill, I'd highly recommend her for any animal photography that you need. She is calm, reassuring and helpful and a highly skilled photographer with a clear passion for her craft. All in all, a fabulous experience and will be repeated when our dogs start talking to each other!! Thanks so much Karen


I arranged a shoot with Karen as I was keen to mark our dog's second birthday with some professional photographs rather than my usual phone snaps. I chose Karen as I had previously seen some of her work and had been very impressed. Dougie is a chocolate and cream cockapoo, totally adorable but with a mischievous streak. Keeping still is not normally his greatest quality! I admit to approaching the shoot with some trepidation as I had done something similar with my then two year old twins which did not go well. My fears were completely unjustified as Karen immediately put both of us at our ease in the most relaxed and efficient manner. The studio was a first class location, Karen ascertained my  objectives, and we were away. She knows exactly how to gain a dog's attention and keep it such that he showed himself at his best, posing in many different positions and seeming to enjoy it. I was amazed at his focus. The results were fantastic. The only difficulty being which to have as a framed print as they were all so good. A truly rewarding experience which I have no hesitation in recommending to anybody who wants their dog captured on print in a way that truly represents his/her personality.

Barley and Poppy

We first saw Karen’s work on display in veterinary practice in Hungerford. We were blown away by the quality of the block prints adorning the walls- they were all not only amazing images to look at but also captured the real character of the subjects- cute, mischievous, playful, regal- they were all there! When one of us (not me!) had a big O birthday coming up, the only present worthy was a Karen Bennett portrait of our cockers, Barley and Poppy. On the day of the shoot Karen instructed us gently, calmly and decisively to sit here, stand there, lie like this, roll like that…I was every bit as exhausted as the dogs were! Poppy is young, inquisitive and can be a bit flighty. Barley is getting on and gets bored. Karen’s way with these two was unbelievably professional- she loved them, and they loved her back- and never once did anything to compromise the shoot. The results are stunning- my wife got her birthday present and two more for Christmas. As a pair, the spaniels look relaxed and joyous- their individual photos highlight the wisdom of Barley and Karen made Poppy look like she is made of golden silk. The follow up- choosing the prints- really highlighted just what an amazing person Karen is, not just what an amazing photographer she is. Her patience and the stunning cinema-like set up makes the incredibly difficult job of choosing a really fun exercise. And the coffee is outstanding! We cannot recommend Karen enough.


The relationship between people and their beloved animals holds many wonderful emotions and experiences only they will understand, but often they try and share those emotions with friends and family, which sometimes you may find difficulty in describing, until you portray your experience through a photographic image. These emotions are exactly what we succeeded in capturing under Karen Bennett's directorship, foresight, creativity and photography skills in a recent photo shoot besides the river Thames. The essence of achieving great photographs is to place the subjects in a relaxed and happy state, which is not easily achieved with the combination of temperamental animals and people. But Karen's relaxed, friendly and gentle persuasive nature made the whole experience one which we would gladly undertake again. If you are considering capturing your beloved animals, in print, for posterity, then I can highly recommend Karen Bennett to provide the delightful experience with superb results. I found it extremely difficult in choosing a single portrait of us with our horses and dog, because every photograph told a compelling story. I actually wanted them all, but sadly do not have the wall space to hang all of them. I have no hesitation in recommending Karen to capture the photographic images that you will cherish for the rest of your lives.

Hannah and Star

Had the most wonderful experience with Karen photographing me with my mare. She couldn’t have been more patient and sympathetic with her. The whole experience was such a joy and I’d recommend her talents to anyone. Thank you again

George's Family

'Karen was brilliant. We had a grumpy 6 year old, a teething 7 month old, an anxious dog and two tired parents. Karen provided us with coffee and a relaxing environment to get some of the most amazing photos of our family. Absolutely priceless. Thank you.'

Megan, Jess and Riley

Karen has undoubtedly managed to capture our pups personalities and energies. A surprisingly emotional experience, we have emerged with stunning images we will treasure. A talented photographer - we are proud to hang her work up in our home.


Karen certainly has a way with animals. Having had her recommended by a friend who had some stunning photos taken of her dogs I was by no means sure we were going to get such lovely images of Gatsby as he is, on the one hand, very excitable but also can be extremely nervous. I needn’t have worried as Karen knew exactly what she was doing and has such a calm manor that she put Gatsby at ease and got some beautiful shots that really portrayed his character. The only problem I had was deciding which two to choose, but being able to view all the images on the big screen in Karen’s office was a big help. I cannot recommend Karen highly enough.


“Karen is a master at her craft. She is gentle, patient and obviously loves her subjects. My dog Dessie took to Karen straight away, and really enjoyed the shoot sessions we did in the woods. He discovered his inner model as Karen found beautiful and creative settings in which to take photographs of him. The results of the photo shoots are incredible - I was blown away by the detail, the clarity and the beauty of the images. Karen has captured not only the natural surroundings and colours, but also Dessies personality - it just shines through the pictures. It’s not a picture of a pointer; it’s a stunning portrait of my dog, and that’s the difference Karen delivered to me. What an incredible experience. I am recommending Karen to everyone I know with dogs.”

Gary, Sharon and Dibley

We both struggled to pick our ultimate choices, and now we will have all of those other beautiful images to look at .....its just amazing!! Both Sharon, and I , and of course "the dibster"... have so enjoyed meeting you, it feels like we are losing an old friend. You have made us so welcome, that it was with sadness that we left you yesterday. Meantime, we just keep looking at what you have done for us, and thank you from the bottom of hearts.  


I have now had two amazing photo shoots of my dogs with Karen. The first was in the summer whilst we were messing about in the river with my two older Labradors. One of which is black which has got to be any photographer’s worst nightmare. Nothing was too much trouble and Karen made us feel totally at ease, setting up the photo shoot to accommodate both the still and action shots I wanted. Karen had to have her whit’s about her though, especially after a number of challenging jumping shots into deep water, the wake created by my dog nearly breeched the top of her waders! The second shoot Karen did for me was at home in the garden with my 3 month old puppy. It was ideal to have Karen come to our house so that she could capture the puppy at play in a familiar environment. Karen spent hours laid out on the lawn while we enticed the puppy to play taking the most amazing shots which we now have proudly displayed in a wall mounted montage. I hadn’t appreciated that there were different types of glass to use in picture frames until I met Karen, and I have to say the art glass she recommended displays the pictures off at their very best. Karen is a very talented photographer and she manages to capture the essence of your pet as only you see them. I highly recommend Karen to anyone considering having their photos taken either with their dog or on its own.


I feel very lucky to have discovered Karen, Karen has such an eye for that natural shot that always captures the energy and personality of her subjects. Her photographs of Beau are incredible, striking and beautiful, every single one of them. She was so patient with Beau, and wanted him to be as comfortable and natural as he could be, so we decided the fields and woods where he is so at home should be the place, to take these wonderful shots. He is a very active and alert dog with an incredibly keen sense of scent, especially pheasants, he runs at speed and therefore not the easiest of subjects to catch and capture on camera. Karen managed to take so many beautiful and captivating images of him I have struggled to choose, I have fallen in love with them all, I wish I had enough room in my house to display them all. I highly, highly recommend her, she is truly a talented photographer.


Karen did a really terrific job with my Cavalier cross, Myrtle both on the day and post the photo shoot itself. The photographs came out beautifully. In the course of'a really efficient 2–3 hours we managed to do so much. Karen found some lovely places to shoot images outside – and really created distinct compositions. We also shot inside the house where she created a really natural feel to the photos. The service was responsive – with lots of'really nice options. It was all prompt and I have a super selection of attractively boxed images as well as standalone framed photos. I actually want to get more! Hugo Jackson


I just wanted to thank you, and tell you how thrilled and delighted my daughter and son-in-law were when they opened their parcel on Christmas morning and found really lovely photographs you took of their young Dalmatian, Barley. I especially appreciated the trouble you went to come to my house for the ‘secret’ shoot – my grandson (only 5 years) never said a word about your visit and we all appreciated the lovely relaxed photograph you produced of his little face at our kitchen door! Barley’s portraits have been receiving much praise from my daughters friends – you may need to make a trip to Bristol in the near future for a gigantic photo shoot of all Barley’s canine chums! Jane Scho

Marie and Barney

Spent a wonderful morning with Karen photographing my dog Barney & I. She made us both feel so relaxed that Barney had a nap in the middle of the session (he is 16). The photographs are fabulous, really hard to choose the best ones as I liked them all. Karen has created stunning momentous of our beloved Barney.


Karen has an obvious love for all animals and the countryside. The time, patience and enthusiasm shown, even to the point of lying on her stomach in a wet muddy paddock just to get that special shot! The quality of her work is great. And to top it all Karen is a very nice person.
equine_photography_Horse_Fine art_Horse_Newbury_Berkshire

Liza and Joker

I can't get over how beautiful this picture is. My house is full of pictures of him but none are as stunning as this one. He looks truly magnificent. Thanks once again Karen, you've made my day.


I wanted something different as a present for my partner’s birthday so spoke to Karen about a shot of his beloved Husky and the bear he loves.  Karen completely understood what I was trying to achieve and we arranged a day for me to sneak out with both my dogs and take them to her studio.  We all had so much fun!  The studio and the setting are wonderful and very dog friendly and Karen knows exactly how to get the best from the dogs.  She’s patient but persistent in pursuing the brief.  We used all sorts of toys and squeakers to get the perfect shot, and she nailed it.  My partner was absolutely delighted.  Whilst I was there, she took some gorgeous shots of my adorable Wiemerana. I’m so glad we captured those moments as she’s had medical issues since then that have affected her face.  She’s still adorable but the pictures were captured at her best. Karen has impeccably high standards and is a master behind the camera.  I would recommend her to anyone who is completely in love with their dog and wants to capture the true essence of their personality.