I wanted something different as a present for my partner’s birthday so spoke to Karen about a shot of his beloved Husky and the bear he loves.  Karen completely understood what I was trying to achieve and we arranged a day for me to sneak out with both my dogs and take them to her studio.  We all had so much fun!  The studio and the setting are wonderful and very dog friendly and Karen knows exactly how to get the best from the dogs.  She’s patient but persistent in pursuing the brief.  We used all sorts of toys and squeakers to get the perfect shot, and she nailed it.  My partner was absolutely delighted.  Whilst I was there, she took some gorgeous shots of my adorable Wiemerana. I’m so glad we captured those moments as she’s had medical issues since then that have affected her face.  She’s still adorable but the pictures were captured at her best. Karen has impeccably high standards and is a master behind the camera.  I would recommend her to anyone who is completely in love with their dog and wants to capture the true essence of their personality.

Amy and Elsa

Not only have I had the privilege of Karen photographing my Labrador Elsa, but have also been lucky enough to witness the whole process from shoot to finished print. Believe me when I say the shoot is the easy bit! The amount of time (sometimes hours per shot) Karen takes to edit each image with precision detail really is a labour of love! I have been sat in the editing studio watching her work her magic and turn a great shot into a breathtaking piece of wall art, a memory you can keep forever! I first met Karen when she came along to take photographs on a gundog water training day I attended with Elsa. I warmed to her straight away and could tell she loved her job. She was so patient with all the dogs and their owners, especially my slightly nervous girl. Karen even stood in the middle of a cold river enduring a soggy bottom after a huge splash filled her waders which just shows how dedicated she is in capturing the perfect shot her clients are after. The second time I went out with Karen for a shoot I really got to see how she just has the eye for getting those award winning shots. We passed a navy blue set of folding garage doors which I had walked past a hundred times and not battered an eyelid at, but Karen knew it would make the perfect backdrop for Elsa, my fox red Labrador and the result is stunning! I can’t recommend Karen enough, the quality of her work is incredible, the photographs speak for themselves!

Develop Your Dog

I met Karen nearly a year ago now after watching a video a friend shared with me on how she conducts a shoot. I was completely blown away by lengths Karen went to in order to get that special shot a client is looking for with their treasured pet. The video literally brought me out in goose bumps, and I immediately thought I need to meet this lady as she seems to be so passionate about her work. I have to say she is every bit as professional and dedicated to her clients as the video demonstrates. Karen and I have now collaborated on a number of shoots alongside my own clients and the results are amazing. The care and attention she gives to getting the best out of the photo shoot, and the manner in which she relates to the client is second to none. I now thanks to Karen have a large portfolio of pictures that can whet the appetite of potential clients to market my business and make use of on social media.


I'd seen several examples of Karen's amazing work but with an 8-month-old puppy who is full of energy and into every new smell, I fully expected to have to wait until he was a lot older, but how wrong I was! Sammy did explore Karen's studio, and I couldn't see how we'd come away with anything other than blurred images, but she was so patient and 'in tune' with how animals behave that very soon Sammy looked like he was at home, and very relaxed. Karen not only puts us humans at ease, she knew which shots would bring out the best in Sammy and boy did she get them! Very very happy (and proud) Dad/owner, and I'd urge any pet owner to get in touch with Karen and pop along with your four-legged friend, you won't be disappointed!


I am so thrilled with the photos that you took of Ginny. You captured her perfectly, I wanted to have a record of her as a puppy and your pictures are exactly what I hoped for. Thank you for being so patient, a 3 month old Labrador puppy – particularly such a lively youngster – is not the easiest subject I’m sure. Your studio is the perfect place although I hope she didn’t leave too much damage behind her, I’m afraid that she enjoyed shredding some of your props! The end results of the shoot are beautiful and will provide us with happy memories for many years. Thank you again.  Jo and Ginny
3 Dogs

Dill, Inka and Moss

I was looking for a photograph to capture the character of my three Labradors, who are each very different, in one shot. Karen took her time in the studio with three intrigued dogs then suggested a walk and perhaps a swim (Brave lady) Karen didn't hesitate to slip on her waders and get right in on the action. The moments she captured will make us smile for many years and I can't thank and recommend her enough. The hardest part was trying to choose our favourite, as there were so many of such great quality.
Man with 3 Dogs

Robin and Claudia

Dear Karen, Essentially, we waited until we were sitting on a warm sandy beach at sunset and we opened the beautiful book. It is amazing; you are a very skilled artist. Thank you so much, Robin and Claudia

Shirley & Ian

Thank you for the beautiful album, so unusual how it has been compiled, making our event even more memorable. Did people wonder what you were doing on the beach creating 55 in the stones? You really got the feel of Aldeburgh with the extra shots. Thanks for making something we will always treasure. Shirley & Ian