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Going to Wales for the weekend to photograph heavy working horses was a very exciting thought. However nothing could have excited us more as we drove into the farm with it’s spectacular views and the sight of a mare with her foal in the field enjoying the sunshine.

From this beautiful setting Ellie and Mike train owners of heavy horses to do the jobs that need to be done for farm work and carriage driving. These horses are very highly trained and amazing to watch at work which is all down to the expertise and dedication of this young couple.

Watching Mike and Ellie getting these magnificent horses ready for the days work is truly educational. The horses are harnessed up and ready to move off to transport a huge round bale of hay to the field where the other horses are patiently waiting.

These horses with their amazing strength and ability to turn on a sixpence hauling huge tree trunks behind them is quite astounding.

This nostalgic picture of the horses working the chain harrow shows the complete mixture of their power, grace and elegance.

Carriage driving on these beautiful picturesque roads was a real treat and a first time experience for Dottie (my mum).

Dottie was at first quite nervous about the thought of travelling in this way. However, Mike with his expertise and care she soon relaxed and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

Dottie and I would like to take this opportunity to say a huge thank to both Ellie and Mike for giving us the chance to see and experience these working horses in action.

It is a real family affair at Hitch-In Farm.  Watching their son Arthur interacting and at ease with the horses was a joy to behold.

At Hitch-In Farm, they offer taster days, weekend courses, and more tailored courses by request throughout the year. They love to teach you what they know about traditional farming techniques brought into the modern era. With more than 10 working horses on the farm, they can cater to those wanting to learn about driving large teams to individuals looking to find out more about the basics of working horses on the land and driving farm vehicles. They can cater to all ages and abilities.

If you’d like to learn more about Hitch-In Farm, talk to Mike and Ellie Paddock on 07939 248 371 or email them at hitchinfarm@hotmail.com. Alternatively, you can contact them on Facebook.

Tel  07939248371   www.hitchinfarm.co.uk

You can find more Equine Photographs  at karenbennettphotography

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