Why working with a local small business leads to unexpected … friendships, collaborations and like minded people


Hand on heart I can honestly say that without George Swift, Tracey Miller and the group members of Bigger Brighter Bolder (Mindset for Success) I would NOT have an equine and pet photography business.

After being a stay at home mum for so long I lacked confidence and all self-belief in my ability to have my own business. Joining BBB was the turning point not only for my business but also for my own personal development.

Tracey believed so much in my skills as a photographer she commissioned me to photograph George’s dog Tai to be presented as a framed print for him as a birthday gift. We set up very early in the morning so that George wouldn’t be suspicious and think Tracey was out on her normal dog walk. Our time limit was one hour!
The brief from Tracey was to capture Tai with his favourite teddy bear, which made it easier given the time scale that we had. She knew exactly in her own mind what she wanted to achieve. We couldn’t leave Tracey’s dog Riz out as she had to come along for the ride too, we took a few shots of her, which in hindsight was a great move as it wasn’t long after the shoot that poor Riz had a stroke medical which affected her face.


The BBB meetings are invaluable where all members are encouraged, supported and challenged to be accountable for their own monthly, quarterly and annual goals.

George has a unique way of engaging with you and getting things across in his own frank way with the odd swear word thrown in (wouldn’t be George without a few swear words). There are a lot of emotions, realisations and light bulb moments switched on during the meetings.

Tracey is a huge part of BBB.  Her enthusiasm, positivity and determination is second to none and it really rubs off on everyone! I believe Tracey could sell ice to the Eskimos. George and Tracey work so well together, they are a double act team with much banter between them but they always stay professional with only your progress, goals and visions at the forefront.

Tracey and I spent a fun few hours photographing George around Audley Inglwood  to use as part of his marketing material. It’s great working alongside Tracey, she really knows what she wants and is a quick decision maker!

BBB has changed and developed. They have a highly motivated, experienced team behind them who provide support, mentoring and help when needed.

Visit their website you can find all the information you need relating to the BBB Success Groups, Mastermind Groups and Mentoring support. You can access free resources, which are invaluable to get your mindset on the right track. There are so many golden nuggets on this website in my opinion a visit is a must!

You could also get their downloadable recent book 67 Kick-Arse Philosophies for Small Business Owners

I was lucky enough to photograph Olivia and Georgia in my studio, which again was a gift for George. Tracey wanted something in black and white on canvas and a little bit arty of George’s twin girls. The girls are stunning and just wonderful to work with.  It was also a pleasure to have Olivia spending a day with me in and out of the studio chatting about photography. This was to help with her plans for future creative learning.

I would like to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to both George and Tracey in supporting my business and giving me the tools to reach my goals and make a reality of all my dreams, of which there are so many more to come!

I urge anyone in business no matter how large or small to get a mindset coach. If you have goals and aspirational dreams that always seem to be out of your reach then George is your man!!!!

Tel   01635 818884    biggerbrighterbolder.co.uk 



You can find more Photographs of other pets at www.karenbennettphotography.co.uk

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