Fine Art Print Testimonials

Equine_Horse_Photography_Wall_art InteriorWalls_Newbury_Berkshire

'Standing Proud'

I recently went to an art exhibition that Karen organised and was so impressed with the standard of work on show. Although I really liked a number of pictures on exhibit, my eye kept returning to a stunning piece called " Standing Proud" - a large picture of a stallion rearing-up on its hind legs. I don't know a lot about art, but I do know what I like, and it is very rare that I find something as spectacular as this picture. It will always take pride of place in my home.    
Equine_Horse_Photography_Wall_art InteriorWalls_Newbury_Berkshire

'Mellow Stare'

I admire Karen's ability to capture the spirit of the beast in her photography and already owned two of her amazing images so when she invited me to her fine art event exhibition, I had to go. It was held the day before my daughter's birthday and a particular image caught my eye. It was called Mellow Stare. My daughter lost her beloved grey last year and this image just seemed to be him, looking back over his shoulder to say, "It's OK ; I'm still here". It has pride of place now in her bedroom where she can see it every day and I know this beautiful image will go with her throughout her life. A precious moment in time.    
Equine_Horse_Photography_Wall_art InteriorWalls_Newbury_Berkshire

'Athletic Moment'

Athletic Moment is packed full of interest and action which really creates a different story every time I look at it. Thank you Karen for sharing your talent with such amazing images.      

'Untamed Thoughts'

From  the very first moment I set eyes on 'Untamed Thoughts" as an image I knew it was so special and it belonged on my wall. It's so beautiful, I spend so much time enjoying all the different content which is packed into every part of this picture. I feel very privileged to have it hanging in my home, where not only I have the pleasure of it but also all of my visitors and friends do too    


"I've known Karen for a few years now and I'm a big supporter of her work. Her talent for visualising beyond what the average eye can see is truly incredible. The true beauty of what she creates, even from the simplest concept is amazing. Being able to create such beautiful art and capture the texture, movement, and spirit of the animals she photographs, especially horses is so unique. I was thrilled to be invited to Karen's recent gallery exhibition and seeing so much of her original art in person was truly awe inspiring. I'm lucky enough to have one of her prints hanging proudly on my wall and never get tired of looking at it."
Equine_Horse_Photography_Wall_art InteriorWalls_Newbury_Berkshire

'Mane Event'

“I have been a fan of Karen’s photography for many years and have a beautiful black and white piece (non-Equine ) of hers in my therapy room. When Karen invited me to her Equine exhibition, knowing I was not particularly a horse fan,  my first question was “will there be anything there for me?” meaning, do you have any other type of work that would suit non-horsey people? She smiled and said ‘come see’. I’m so glad I went. The exhibition astounded me; Karen had captured the soul of the animals she photographed. I fell in love with the ‘Main Event’ a beautiful image of a horse who, to me, encapsulates the free spirit and the beauty within all of us.”  Thank you Karen.


We just want to say how much we love “Entwined” It fits perfectly into our room and always makes us smile – it’s on the same wall as our TV and is a great distraction!! We’ve had so many comments from friends noticing and admiring it too. You are an incredibly talented artist with a superb eye for detail. We need one more piece…we just can’t make up our minds!

'Free Spirit'

The most incredible and beautiful representation of a white horse in motion. You can feel the wind brushing through the mane and hear the pounding of hooves and long breaths as he moves across the earth. He has serenity, and which surprisingly evokes a deep sense of calm.  You cannot help but be moved by the beauty and grace.


There is a tangible connection between the majesty of this stag with the photographer. An incredible bond of trust has been established in the moments they have shared which shines through in the eyes of this beautiful animal. His antlers so perfectly captured reinforce his stature as the true master of the countryside