Sea salt, sand dunes, secret Britain and a dog named Bugsy

Thursday 10th July


A man is a dog’s best friend

The story so far… My name is Bugsy Bennett. I am a friendly 5 year old Springador (Springer x Labrador) on a sailing adventure round the British Isles in a boat called SaltPot, with my owners, Mark and Karen. It’s day 4 of my sailing adventure. We are still in Ramsgate!

Way hay!  This is what life is all about; meeting new dogs sniffing out new places 😉  On our walk we meet the Ramsgate dog walkers group; they are super fun! Mark and Karen are distracted talking and I’m off making new friends. So many different breeds; small, large, hairy, long legs, short legs, tail, no tail and the list goes on. Some are a little wary and at times I’m overwhelmed by the interest of the new dog on the block.

Later that day we take a walk on the beach and meet a dog called Mills and his owner who takes the time to chat to Mark and Karen (more chatting = longer walk) Mill’s owner suffered from depression and lost both his parents and a job as a hospital porter, it feels like Mill’s owner has lost everything. Despite his hardship, his whole life revolves around his dog, Mills who unconditionally loves him back (it’s true. A dog is a man’s best friend; we help each other through). He’s a mine of information about fossils and astronomy and hands Karen a fossil to keep, in memory of a lovely day.


I spend the evening snoozing under the table of an unusual Russian restaurant  whilst my parents drink wine, chat and laugh; they normally work their socks off and I haven’t seen them relax like this in a very long while!



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